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The ReWall Company


ReWall Selected to Receive Chase's Mission Main Street Grant

ReWall Received 2014 Innovation Award

ReWall a Star Recipient of the EDA's i6 Green Challenge Grant

ReWall at Austin Recycling Innovations Funding Forum

Innovative Companies: The ReWall Co. LLC

ReWall Stars at 2014 Global Green's Oscar Party

ReWall Featured at Greenbuild 2013

ReWall Receives Environmental Impact Award

ReWall Receives COSC Evergreen Certification

Carton Recycling Now Available in Des Moines

Helping Des Moines Recycle Cartons

ReWall Receives Two Recycling Awards

A Local Business Goes Green

Cups Become Construction Materials

Panels Made from Milk Cartons

The ReWall Company
Conscientiously turning waste into eco-friendly building materials

ReWall provides 100% recycled, durable, versatile materials to meet your needs, including:

Green, mold resistant exterior sheathing

Prefinished, moisture and mold resistant wallboard

Prefinished, washable metal building liner

Durable and washable ceiling tiles

Solid boards to secure your property

ReWall products are made without glues or chemicals, emit no VOCs, achieve the highest rating (10 out of 10) for mold resistance under the ASTM D 3273 test method and cost less than any traditional materials with similar properties. We are focused on helping people and the planet through our eco-friendly construction evolution. We call it…the ReWallution!

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