The 10 Best  Dell Vga Splitter  2022- The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

The 10 Best Dell Vga Splitter 2022- The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Would you mind if we asked you some questions regarding dell vga splitter? An expert opinion review and analysis was conducted in order to determine the rankings. In the following list, you will find both our top picks for the most popular dell vga splitter products currently in the market. Is it difficult for you to find the right dell vga splitter for your purposes?

Every product currently available on the market has been reviewed by dell vga splitter. thoroughly researched and tested every model on the market in order to ensure that the product would meet the needs of its customers. In order to ensure that the product would meet the needs of the customers, this process was undertaken. 

As a result of examining our ranking on this list, you will be able to determine how we compare with our competitors in terms of our services.

1. Dell DMS-59 to Dual DVI / DMS-59 to Dual VGA (Y Cable Kit)

Features :

  • DMS 59-pin (male) and 2 DVI (female) connectors
  • DMS 59-pin (male) and 2 HD15 SVGA (female) connectors
  • Will Support Dual Monitor Systems

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 3
Length 6
Weight 0.5

2. Dell DMS-59 to VGA Splitter for Dual Monitor Setups or as a VGA Adapter Y Cable Cord

Features :

  • DMS-59 (Dual Monitor Solution, 59 pins) for computer video cards
  • ATi Radeon DMS-59 Dual VGA Y Dongle Video Cable G9438
  • The DMS-59 connector is used in AMD (AMD FireMV), Nvidia and Matrox video cards which are sold in Lenovo, Dell, HP (Hewlett Packard), Acer, Toshiba, Fijitsu, NEC, Compaq, Sun and other computers.
  • High quality black molded cable made by Molex. This item converts DVI to dual VGA connections. The DVI connection is male, and the dual VGA connections are female.
  • Provides two high resolution video display VGA video outputs in a single connector

Additional Info :

Color Black, Blue
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 8
Length 5
Weight 0.125

3. Genuine ATI X1300 Pro 256MB PCI-E Video Graphics Card with DMS-59 to Dual VGA Y-Splitter Cable Cord, Compatible Dell Part Number: GJ501

Features :

  • Interface: PCI-E, Memory: 256MB
  • Full Height
  • Model # GJ501
  • Dual DVI Capability DMS-59
  • S-Video

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.0625

4. Dell DVI to DVI-D & VGA Splitter- X2026

5. 5e911 Dell Cables Vga Splitter Cable

Features :

  • 5e911 Dell Cables Vga Splitter Cable
  • Part Number: 5e911
  • Brand: Dell

6. Dell Molex DMS-59 to Dual VGA Y-Splitter Cable G9438 AWM 20276 E52534-D

Features :

  • Bulk Packaging
  • Dell Molex DMS-59 to Dual
  • VGA Y-Splitter Cable G9438
  • AWM 20276 E52534-D
  • 30 day warranty

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 1

7. Dell X2026 DVI-I Splitter Cable DVI-I Male (24+5) to DVI-D Dual link (24+1) Female + VGA (HD15) Female

Features :

  • (M) DVI-I to (F) DVI-D & (F) VGA Dual Head Cable
  • Compatibility: Dell OptiPlex GX620 SC280 and more Dell products

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.6
Width 1.5
Length 8
Weight 1

8. Dell DVI to Dual VGA Splitter Y Cable Connector for Video Cards – Refurbished – 05E911

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 4
Length 6
Weight 1

9. Cable Matters 1ft Full HD 1080P VGA Splitter Cable (VGA Y Cable) for Screen Duplication – Does NOT Show Separate Displays (No Screen Extension)

Features :

  • VGA dual monitor adapter sends an identical VGA signal to two separate VGA displays; Reliably transmits an identical signal to two separate monitors; VGA cables (sold separately) are required
  • Duplicator VGA splitter dual monitor has a male connector that plugs directly into a computer; Two female VGA sockets on the VGA splitter cord connect to the VGA cables of two separate displays
  • Video resolution support for 1920×1200 / 1920×1080, 1600×1200 (UXGA), 1024×768 (XGA) and 800×600 (SVGA) for high resolution LCD and LED monitors; Audio must be transmitted separately
  • Sturdy construction of the monitor splitter adapter supports the weight of 2 VGA cables; Engineered for frequent use and long life and backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Universal VGA compatibility with computers and displays; Also known as RGB, DB-15, DE-15, HD-15, HDB-15 or D-sub 15

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.5
Width 5.5
Length 6

10. DisplayPort to VGA Adapter 1080P Converter, FEMORO Display Port DP to VGA Adapter Male to Female Connector Compatible with Computer, Desktop, Laptop, PC, Monitor, Projector, HDTV – Black

Features :

  • Noted 🙁 Not USB to VGA or HDMI to VGA )- This DisplayPort to VGA Adapter Connects DisplayPort enabled desktops and laptops ( major branded systems) to VGA displays ,you can add the second or third Monitor
  • Video Transmits – Transmit high-definition video from your computer to a monitor for video streaming or gaming; Connect and configure your monitor for an Extended Desktop or Mirrored Displays
  • Resolution – Supports resolution up to 1080p @60Hz and PC graphics resolutions up to 2048 x 1152 @60Hz
  • Stable and Safty Design – DisplayPort connector with latches provides a secure connection with a release button that must be depressed before unplugging
  • Plug-and-Play – No driver or software installation required !

Additional Info :

Color 1Pack
Item Dimensions
Height 0.31496
Width 6.61416
Length 8.30707

10 Best dell vga splitter 2022 : Expert’s Picks

Things To Consider Before Buying dell vga splitter: The Best Buying Guide

Are you in need of the most reliable and effective dell vga splitter product on the market today? Your good fortune has led you to the right place if you answered yes to the question about where it can be found. The good thing about this service is that you do not have to wade through a deluge of reviews. Using our services, you do not have to worry about it.

Choosing the right dell vga splitter product can be a confusing process. Because the market has a wide variety of dell vga splitter’s to choose from, this issue arises as a result. As a part of this guide, we will assist you in selecting the best dell vga splitter’s available on the market to resolve your problem.

This Is A Guide To The Best Products And Services Offered By dell vga splitter

Before you purchase your favorite dell vga splitter, consider the following. By following these criteria, you can determine whether dell vga splitter is right for you.

Investigate all dell vga splitter’s available on the market using the internet. In addition to online purchases, this is beneficial when purchasing in person as well. You should do your research before buying anything from an online marketplace to ensure the company is reputable. Most online shops with loyal customers are the best.

These establishments not only offer trustworthy merchandise but also a variety of selections. The online store offers a variety of dell vga splitter products.

Read other people’s reviews online to learn more about the dell vga splitter’s advantages and disadvantages. Reviewing other people’s reviews can also help you determine whether a particular dell vga splitter fits your criteria.

In addition, many consumers conduct online research before purchasing a physical item.

Buyers Benefit From Online Platforms in Numerous Ways

There has been a significant increase in online shopping in recent years. Due to its convenience and benefits, online shopping is becoming more popular among buyers.

#1. Deals here

Shopping online offers better deals and lower prices since items are shipped directly from manufacturers. Online comparisons of prices are also easier. Taxes may be saved if you order from overseas.

#2. Our strength: variety

You have a variety of options when shopping online. Don’t worry, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for here.

On the internet, you can choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

#3. Inexpensive

Buying and selling stuff online is easier thanks to online platforms. There will be no line waiting for you. There will be no problem with parking.

Additionally, purchasing at night or in the evening is convenient. Buying at an inconvenient time is no longer necessary for shoppers.

#4. Let’s simplify

One advantage of shopping online is that you can save time. With our search engine, you can find the product you need in no time. 

Online shopping offers the advantage of saving time. In order to complete the process, a few simple steps must be followed.

Finding Products Is As Easy As A Product Search

It may be difficult for novices to find the best dell vga splitter. Buying the best products can be difficult even for long-term customers.

When selecting a provider, consider these factors:

#1. Cost-wise

Comparing prices is essential before making a purchase. You shouldn’t assume that your dell vga splitter is the best deal just because it’s more expensive. If you are selecting related items for your dell vga splitter, you should always compare prices.

Unless you need something immediately, wait until there is a sale. When considering purchasing an item, the price should be taken into account.

#2. An idea for branding

It is possible that some may question the importance of brands despite the positive feedback about non-branded products. As far as I am concerned, we are on the same page.

What is the lifespan of a brand without value? When shopping for products, compare brands.

#3. A list of outputs and inputs

A detailed specification improves the functionality of a product. You should read the specifications of anything you intend to buy before making a purchase.

Product specifications usually include this information. By checking the details, make sure the dell vga splitter is accurate.

#4. Recommendations

However, client reviews can have a significant impact on a company’s credibility and can play a major role in influencing client decisions. Reviewing the reviews of previous customers is one of the best ways to determine whether dell vga splitter is a trustworthy service or not.

The importance of doing your research on a product before making a purchase decision cannot be overstated.

Decisions In Summary

The importance of weighing the need for something before purchasing it cannot be overstated. It’s okay to buy something, but consider the value of the item to you personally before spending your money on something you don’t need.

It doesn’t mean you have to buy something just because it’s on sale or highly rated just because it’s on sale. As a result of your new understanding of how to purchase dell vga splitter, you are now ready to begin the process.

You can’t find a better time to buy the best product at the best price than right now. You might miss out if you don’t act quickly.


#1. Could you please let me know how much dell vga splitter costs?

Researching a product online in advance will give you a better idea of how much it will cost, so you won’t be shocked by the price when you buy it.

#2. In order to make a good decision about dell vga splitter, what should you consider?

When making a purchase decision, it’s essential that you take into account the right size, color, and style of the product you wish to purchase when making your decision to purchase the product. The most important thing that you should keep in mind whenever you wish to purchase a product is that you should select the right size, color, and style of the product you wish to purchase.

#3. Would you mind telling me how I should choose dell vga splitter?

It is important that the product that you produce is as environmentally friendly as possible. This can be achieved by making the product using environmentally friendly methods in order to ensure that it meets both the requirements of the environment as well as the requirements for safety at the same time.

#4. Is dell vga splitter a competitive company?

Having an idea of exactly what you are looking for and what you require in order to achieve the results you hope to achieve will enable you to determine a price for what it is you are searching for in accordance with which you are looking for.

#5.  Would you be able to tell me how to purchase dell vga splitter?

The quality of the product is undoubtedly an important factor to consider as a buyer. You should choose a brand name based on your familiarity with it. Any questions you may have about the product can be answered by a salesperson.

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