Top 10 Best  Lavender Votive Candles Bulk  2022 - Best Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Lavender Votive Candles Bulk 2022 – Best Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you have any further questions about lavender votive candles bulk ? Experts have reviewed the product and provided their opinions. To help you make an informed decision, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of lavender votive candles bulk  products. Explore the capabilities of lavender votive candles bulk  products to find out what they can do for you. You will receive detailed information about the best lavender votive candles bulk  products in your category as soon as you sign up.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need assistance finding the right lavender votive candles bulk  product. Research and testing have gone into developing lavender votive candles bulk  at Here are the best lavender votive candles bulk  products currently available on the market. While researching and testing lavender votive candles bulk  products, a variety of factors were taken into consideration, including price, quality, ratings, and others.

We have provided our ranking below so that you can see how we compare to our competitors.

1. Luxurious Lavender Scented Candles – Bulk Set of 72 Scented Votive Candles – Purple Color – 8 Hour Extended Burn Time (Glass Holders not Included)

Features :

  • RELIEF STRESS RIGHT HERE – ROMANTIC AND RELAXING: These calming candles create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Sit back in on your sofa in your living room, light some of these lavender essential oil candles, inhale and exhale. aaahhh, you can do it! Great for meditation, stress relief, yoga, bedroom, bathroom, travel, living room, spas, and much more.
  • HANDPOURED CANDLES – STRONG CORRUTATED PACKAGING FOR BULK CANDLES: We like our packaging to be strong so you like them strongly! These elegant highly scented purple candles are packaged in a strong 3 ply corrugated box so you can easily storage them. Our candles are poured making it stronger than machine pressed candles. These won’t melt so quickly if left in high temperatures. (We do reccomend storaging candes in normal to cold room temperatures)
  • LONG BURN TIME: These beautiful candles with heavenly Lavender Smell burn up to 8 long hours. For best results burn them in votive candle holders.
  • DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 1 3/8″ Inches (3.49 cm) Height: 1 1/2″ Inches (3.81 cm)
  • LEAD FREE – COTTON WICKS: Rest assured these candles were made with the finest materials.

Additional Info :

Color Lavender Scented

2. Lavender Scented Votive Candles – 15 Hour Long Burn Time – Textured Finish – Box of 20

Features :

  • NICE SOFT SMELL no overwhelming scent for the sensitive nose
  • EXCELLENT VALUE 20 Scented Votive Candles Per Box – perfect for any occasion
  • EXTENDED LONG LASTING BURN TIME when burned in a Votive Candle Holder (approximately 13-15 hours). ALWAYS burn in a Votive Candle Holder to contain the melting wax, which provides fuel to the flame
  • BURNS CLEAN from superior Paraffin Wax using Lead-Free Wicks, artisan Made in the USA
  • CANDLE DIMENSIONS are 2.25” Tall x 1.5” Wide (Diameter)

Additional Info :

Color Lavender Lavender
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 8
Length 8
Weight 2.25

3. Richland Set of 72 Lavender Votive Candles and 72 Holders

Features :

  • (72) Ten Hour Richland Votive Candles
  • (72) Crystal Clear Eastland Glass Votive Holders
  • Candles are Made in the USA
  • 100% Cotton Wicks. Smokeless and Clean Burning.
  • Perfect for Weddings & Other Events

Additional Info :

Color Purple
Item Dimensions
Height 2.5
Width 2
Length 0
Release Date 2009-08-01T00:00:00Z

4. Hyoola Scented Votive Candles – Vanilla Lavender Votive Candles -12 Hour Burn Time – 9 Pack – European Made

Features :

  • YOU WILL LOVE THE SMELL: Choose Hyoola European top quality Vanilla Lavender scented candles gift set.
  • BEST SCENTED CANDLES: Crafted by European candle makers, a brand you can feel safe to trust.
  • MULTIPORPOSE: Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect candles for home scented, yoga candles, decorative candles and emergency candles. Use as home decor, party centerpieces, wedding decorations, bath candles, dinners at home, or for winter scented candles.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made in Europe by a brand you can trust, Try these scented candles set from Hyoola and see the difference!!
  • VOTIVE CANDLES SCENTED: SIZE: 1.4″ x 1.4″ (35mm x 35mm). SCENT: Vanilla Lavender COLOR: Light Purple. WICK: Lead-free 100% Cotton Wick, non-toxic. BURN TIME: 12 Hours. BULK PACK: 9 small scented candles for home

Additional Info :

Color Vanilla Lavender Light Purple
Item Dimensions
Height 1.4
Width 1.4
Length 1.4

5. Aroma Naturals Votive Candles with Lavender, Tranquility, 6 Count

Features :

  • Contains 6 naturally blended votive candles
  • Approximate burn time is 15 hours each
  • All-cotton wick (no Lead)
  • Country of origin is United States

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 3.75
Length 5.5
Release Date 2015-01-20T00:00:01Z

6. Votive Scented Candles (Lavender Vanilla Votives)

Additional Info :

Color Lavender Vanilla Votives

7. Votivo 6.8oz Aromatic Candle-St Germain Lavender

Features :

  • FRAGRANCE: Saint Germain Lavender
  • FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION: The one that’s calm, cool and collected. Soothing, herbaceous and essential to your self-care routine.
  • CREATED WITH YOU IN MIND: Our most popular size, the 6.8 oz Aromatic Candle is brimming with one-of-a-kind fragrance. Every Votivo candle is meticulously crafted with a proprietary soy-blend wax formulation that ensures a clean, even burn and a memorable, one-of-a-kind fragrance experience.
  • USE & CARE: Burn within sight and always trim wick to 1/4 in before lighting. Keep candle on a level surface away from drafts and allow wax to pool to edges before extinguishing. Avoid dropping debris, such as wick trimmings, into the wax and extinguish when wax reaches 1/4 inch.
  • One-of-a-kind fragrance Soy Blend Wax Paper & Cotton Wicks Paraben Free Phthalate Free Formaldehyde Free

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.425

8. DEYBBY Scented Soy Wax Tealight Candles Bulk, Lavender Aromatherapy Candle for Stress Relief, Clear Cup Long Lasting, for for Relaxation, Spa and Bath|Pack of 12

Features :

  • Aromatherapy Tealight Candle Gift set: One package include 12 candles, each can burn up to 4 hours.
  • Lavender Candles – These calming candles create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Sit back in on your sofa in your living room, light some of these lavender essential oil candles, inhale and exhale. you can do it!
  • Stress Relief for any Room: Perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, and any other space in need of a delightful highly fragranced scent.
  • Organic and Eco-friendly Soy Wax Candles: These scented candles are made of natural soy wax, they can purify the air when they burn, and will not produce smoke and carcinogens.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE:Aromatherapy candles bulk 12 pack. Long-and-durable to use. Can burn it alone, also fit for all of the cups, holders, and containers. It’s be all of the family essentials and home decor also.

Additional Info :

Color Lavender

9. Enlightened Ambience Lavender Herb Scented Ivory Votive Candles 10 Pack

Features :

  • Calming Lavender herb fragrance
  • Long Burning 14-16 hours
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Cotton wick
  • 2 inches tall from base to tip of wax and 1 3/8 inches in diameter

Additional Info :

Color Ivory
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 3.5
Length 7

10. LANKER 50 Pack Mini Tea Lights Candles – Unscented – Smokeless – 2 Hour Burn Time – Decoration for Wedding, Party, Dating and Festival Celebration (Purple)

Features :

  • Includes 50pcs mini smokeless unscented tealights candles per package
  • Material: Paraffin wax with aluminum cup. Eco friendly and Non-toxic
  • Burning time: 2 hours normally. Burn completely. No waste
  • Mini size: 1.5inch(Diameter) x 0.4inch(Height)
  • Perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day, weddings, oil burners, restaurants, anniversaries, holidays, party, votives, dating, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and festival celebration

Additional Info :

Color Purple
Item Dimensions
Height 0.4
Width 1.5
Length 1.5
Weight 0.01543235834

10 Best lavender votive candles bulk 2022 : Editor’s Recommendation

What Is The Best Way To Buy lavender votive candles bulk?

Looking for the best lavender votive candles bulk to meet your needs? You can find all the information you need here. It can be challenging to choose the right one from the many options available on the market.

You will be able to choose the best lavender votive candles bulk after reading this post. When choosing products, we have taken into account the needs and desires of each customer category. You don’t have to worry about buying!

What You Need To Know Before Buying lavender votive candles bulk

lavender votive candles bulk should be compared to all of the available options on the market before you make a purchase. There may be cheaper products than others. When purchasing any product, there are a number of things to keep in mind. To make the best choice, you must know what you need and what you don’t. It is also important to find out what the competition is doing in order to stay competitive. Check out the following if you’re looking for the best lavender votive candles bulk: 



User Ratings

Brand Image




After Sales Support

Company Reputation and

Cost of Ownership.

We have only briefly discussed the factors we consider important. Online or in-store, you can find answers to many of your questions.

The Benefits Of Online Shopping

The ordering process for lavender votive candles bulk is very straightforward and can be done online in a very straightforward manner. You will be able to save a great deal of time and effort by doing this. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from this service:


The best deals can often be found on online marketplaces. Retailer lavender votive candles bulk offers lavender votive candles bulk at several locations. As a result of their extensive dealer and supplier networks, online platforms often undercut physical stores.

There are often discounts and promotions offered by online platforms during holidays like Black Friday. These offers can’t be found anywhere else.


In addition, you won’t have to wait in long lines or visit the store. The minimum order amount for lavender votive candles bulk online purchases is lower. We offer free shipping when your items are in the same warehouse or nearby.


Coupons are offered by many retailers only. Coupons can be used to obtain discounts. Promotional codes are also available at online stores. This is why online shopping has become increasingly popular. Whenever you need a discount code, coupon, or special offer, you can find it online.


Due to the fact that you haven’t personally checked the product, you are concerned about the quality of an online store. In order to make an informed purchase, you must rely on the website since you cannot inspect the product before you buy it.

lavender votive candles bulk is one of many online marketplaces offering warranties and quick replacements. From the comfort of your own home, you can get all the benefits of a store’s warranty.

In the case of a problem with their products, you won’t be charged. Replacement products are very easy to obtain. The ease of online shopping is made possible by such a guarantee.

Due to this, people shop online less often.


Globally, the number of online platforms and products is growing rapidly. More companies are selling their products online as a result of the popularity of online platforms.

Product categories are well-organized and well-divided, and they offer a wide range of products. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for. There is even the possibility of software recommending products to you. It contains lavender votive candles bulk, among other things.

If you have a wide selection to choose from, you will be able to assess your preferences and choices more easily. Before making a purchase, you have several options. Physical stores usually carry a few brands.

Is There Anything You Should Avoid When Buying lavender votive candles bulk?

When purchasing lavender votive candles bulk, you should avoid several things.

#1. Don’t buy more than you need

Whenever you make a purchase, keep this in mind. Don’t buy unnecessary items. You might end up wasting both time and money if you do that.

#2. Visit the website for more information

The importance of reading reviews before making an online purchase cannot be overstated. Make sure you read the reviews before making a purchase. You can do this by reading the comments after purchasing a product or service.

#3. Clarify the return policy

Before purchasing anything online, make sure you read the return policy. Regardless of the condition of the item you purchased, you still have rights.

#4. Make sure you do your research before making a purchase

After checking reviews and return policies, you should do your research. If you plan to make an online purchase, be sure to research the company first. Before purchasing a product or service, you can learn more about it.

#5. Keep a copy of your receipt

When you purchase something online, make sure you get a receipt. This document provides information on how to resolve problems with your purchase.

My Final Thoughts

As a result, buying a new product can be challenging. Aside from price, quality, and customer reviews, there are several other factors to consider. You can make an informed purchase decision by following these tips.

The lavender votive candles bulk-factors we recommend are based on our guide.

The following factors need to be considered when making a purchase decision. See our post about lavender votive candles bulk for more information.

Questions & Answers

1. When buying lavender votive candles bulk, what factors do you consider?

When it comes to buying a product, I consider 3 main factors: the price, the quality, and the warranty that comes with it.

2. How should I buy lavender votive candles bulk?

You should do your research before buying lavender votive candles bulk. Check out reviews and the company’s website.

3. Which product is best for me?

You should buy the product that is right for you. You should also read the instructions and the manual to make sure that you are using the product correctly.

4.What are the different types of lavender votive candles bulk?

There are many different types of lavender votive candles bulk. You should be able to find the one that is right for you.

5. How can I find out about the best lavender votive candles bulk?

Visiting different websites and reading reviews will help you find the best lavender votive candles bulk.

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